4 Reasons Your Church’s Website Needs to be Quality

The busyness of church ministry can make it tempting to put the church’s website on the back burner. This is a terrible mistake that too many churches make. Here are 4 reasons why your church’s website needs to be quality.

1- It is the first impression for potential visitors.

The vast majority of people who will visit your worship service will visit your church’s website first. If your website is outdated, tacky, or lacking helpful information it will become an obstacle to visitors attending. If they do end up attending in spite of a poor website, they will do so with skepticism instead of excitement.

2- It is the information hub for your church’s ministries.

Your church website is where most people (visitors and members) will go to get information about the ministries of the church. It may be used for something as simple as looking up what time a program begins or for something as complex as trying to understand the safety and security procedures of a nursery before bringing a child for the first time. Regardless, the website is your information hub and needs to be viewed as such.

3- It is the home base for information dissemination.

Churches are no longer just seeking to impact their local communities with the gospel. Certainly this is where it begins, but it is now easy to spread the message of Christ worldwide. Churches who desire to utilize sermon audio & video, blogs, podcast, and other social media posts will need a quality website where all of this information is housed. A poor website will limit your church’s potential to reach the world with the gospel.

4- It can drive people away if done poorly.

This has already been mentioned in passing, but a poorly designed, outdated, hard to navigate, tacky website will drive people away rather than draw them in. If your website is unprofessional, people with think your church is unprofessional. If your website is outdated, people will think your church is outdated. If your website is inwardly focused, people will think your church is inwardly focused. A poor website will drive many people away.

Church websites are far more important than people sometimes think. While it does not cause church growth, it can definitely hinder it. Invest in your church’s website and you will see positive results.

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