Weekly Highlights

July 8, 2017

Here are 5 of the best articles I read this week.

Jeremy Roberts   |   The State of Christianity in America

As an American, I praise God for the opportunity to be born and raised in the greatest country on the planet. I love America.

A book I’ve referenced several times here on the blog, The Great Evangelical Recession, by John S. Dickerson, gives us clarity of the state of the church in America today. The stats in this article come from that text, which I STRONGLY encourage you to read. This translates (in most ways) to the health of Christianity, as a whole, in the USA.

Chuck Lawless   |   10 Reasons Many Pastors are Workaholics

Some time ago, I wrote a post on what my workaholism is costing me. I still struggle with that issue, and I’ve learned that many pastors share that struggle. Here are some reasons we’re susceptible to this sin:

Ron Edmondson   |   10 Ways to Create an Unhealthy Team Environment

I am not sure why you would want to, but just in case you ever did, I know some keys to creating an unhealthy team.

Seriously, I realize no one intentionally sets out for unhealthiness, but I’ve seen it so many times. There are things which injure the health of a team.

Here are 10 ways to create an unhealthy team environment:

Marty Duren   |   Helpful Practices for Pastoral Revitalization

Readers of blogs and websites similar to this one will find a lot of content about church revitalization: how does a staid or dying church get new life? How do you lead it from death’s doorstep to life’s great feast?

Sam Rainer   |   Five Reasons Lead Pastors Should Be Involved with VBS

If you’re a lead pastor, it’s tempting to take off that week because you’re not really needed to lead VBS. Many churches have longstanding volunteers and leaders who basically run with VBS every year. But the week of VBS is not the time to take a vacation. When your congregation is all-hands-on-deck, then you need to be there. The lead pastor should be an active and visible part of VBS. Here’s why.

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