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Hi there. I’m Jeremy Wallace and I’m the guy behind JeremyWallace.net. I love to write about the Church, and how small changes in our approaches, perspectives, mindsets, and understanding can result in the effectiveness of our churches improving drastically.

What You Can Expect

As a pastor, I encounter people, ministry ideas, mindsets, and philosophies that spark ideas and
thoughts. As a result, I typically write on church ministry-related topics.

This blog is where I open the discussion into these issues — sharing my opinions and inviting yours. If you enjoy discussing these types of topics — then this blog is for you.

Who is This Guy (My Story)

I have spent most of my life in Tennessee with the exception of living for two years in Canton, OH. I went to college to study and prepare to be in church ministry. It’s what I love doing, it’s what I love talking about, and it is how I attempt to change the world.

While working on my Masters and Doctorate degrees, I became even more convinced that too much is at stake to simply go through the motions of church. We must be intentional about ministry impact and effectiveness. That is what led to this blog.

My family and I recently moved to Charleston, SC to become the Senior Pastor of the Highland Park Baptist Church. Highland Park is a church with a rich history, several hundred active members, and a desire to impact our community and the world.

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