After 50 Years of Ministry: 7 Things I’d Do Differently & 7 Things I’d Do the Same (Chicago: Moody Publishers, June 7, 2016)

One of the things I try to do is learn from older, experienced pastors. They have walked where I walk and survived. They have learned from years of experience. They have wisdom from which I can benefit.

However, finding older and experienced pastors who are willing to consistently invest in younger pastors has proven challenging.

This is why books like this one are valuable. Bob Russell’s After 50 Years of Ministry is written with the goal of helping younger pastors. As the title suggests, Russell shares 7 things he would do differently in ministry if given the opportunity, as well as 7 things he would do the same. Russell’s transparency, wisdom, humor, and 50 years of experience all work together to provide helpful information to the younger pastor who is seeking to glean from the experience of those who have walked before us.

This is a book I would highly recommend to all pastors. It is easy to read, fun to read, and will prove both encouraging and challenging.

The Church: The Gospel Made Visible (Nashville: B&H Publishing Group, 2012)

A Brief Review of %22Are We Together?%22The church is central to the Christian’s life — or at least it should be. The problem is that most people do not understand what the Bible teaches about the church. As a result, they resort to positions that are rooted in traditions, experiences, and simple personal preferences and opinions.

The value of this book is that it is an easy to read primer on the church. It covers everything from the nature of the church to its practice concerning membership, polity, discipline, and general organization. It shows how an improper practice in church life does not only affect how one views the church, but how one views the gospel.

Dever’s overall point is made in the subtitle. The Church really is the gospel made visible. For those wanting to better understand the importance of the church, this book will be a great help.

Are We Together?: A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism (Sanford, FL: Reformation Trust Publishing, 2012)

A Brief Review of %22Are We Together?%22Few books have been as helpful to me as this one has been.

We all know someone who holds to Catholicism, but do we really know what the Catholic church teaches? More importantly, do we know how what the Catholic church teaches differs from what protestants believe the Bible teaches? Are there really differences regarding the Gospel? The answer to this last question is a resounding, “YES.”

In this book, R. C. Sproul walks the reader through six major differences between the teachings of the Catholic church and the teachings of Scripture. He explains the Roman Catholic Church’s beliefs concerning Scripture, Justification, the Church, the Sacraments, the Papacy, and Mary. He also presents that Bible’s teaching on those same topics, helping the reader to clearly see the error of Catholicism.

Sproul supports his claims with an abundance of quotes from Catholic documents. He also dispels some wrong ideas that some Protestants have about Catholicism. This is all done in an effort to offer a fair and accurate presentation of the key differences between Catholicism and Scripture.

If you have Catholic friends, want to learn more about Catholicism, or just want to become more grounded in true doctrine, this book will be a tremendous help to you. I highly recommend it.