Weekly Highlights

July 22, 2017

Here are my articles from the past few days as well as 5 of the best articles I read this week.

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5 of the Best Articles I Read this Week

Christian George   |   13 Spurgeon Tips for Making the Most of Your Life

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life?

Christian history is packed full of people who decided to make the most of their time in this world:

  • John Calvin was 26 years old when he wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion.
  • David Brainerd was 29 years old when he died for his faith as a missionary.
  • Jim Elliot was only 25 years old when he left the comforts of America to evangelize the Aucas in Equator.

But you don’t have to be in your twenties to make a massive impact for the Kingdom.

Sam Rainer   |   Key Quotes from Legacy Church Pastors—Gaines, Jeffress, Brunson, and Uth

I spent the last few years researching legacy churches, specifically four churches in the Southern Baptist Convention: Bellevue Baptist, FBC Dallas, FBC Jacksonville, and FBC Orlando. At some point, I’ll get around to publishing something about them that is more manageable than a 300-page dissertation.

In the meantime, I’ll share four quotes from their senior pastors. These quotes came from personal interviews I did with them for the study.

Jonathan Howe   |   10 Outreach Ideas for Your Church this Fall

Outreach events for churches can be predictable in the fall. Your church likely has a back-to-school event for kids, a fifth quarter for students, and a fall festival for families already on the calendar. It’s just what churches do.

But what if you tried something else—maybe something with an intentional evangelistic focus that your community might not expect? These ten outreach ideas will allow your church to be noticed in your community and, most importantly, provide your members with several opportunities for gospel conversations.

Josh Presley   |   A Crash Course on Leadership Meetings

Many pastors come into a church setting without any formal business training or experience. Many lessons can be learned by fire but with help you can save yourself from 3rd degree burns.

Meetings with your deacons, elder board or other decision makers can be unnecessarily tedious without the right approach.

Thom Rainer   |   Should a Church Have Financial Reserves?

Almost all personal financial experts will tell you our families need a financial reserve of several months’ income to weather unexpected challenges. I lead an organization where we seek to have some level of financial reserves for contingencies and capital expenditures.

On the surface, it would seem that a church should have financial reserves if at all possible. But there are implications that argue both ways on this issue. Let’s look at eight of them.

Weekly Highlights

July 15, 2017

Here are my articles from the past few days as well as 5 of the best articles I read this week.

From Earlier this Week at JeremyWallace.net

5 of the Best Articles I Read this Week

Thom Rainer   |   How Stability Can Hurt a Church

Stability is often a goal for churches. Unfortunately stable churches are often stagnant churches. So when we talk about stable churches today, it’s in that context. And there are five reasons that can be a very bad thing for a church.

Eric Geiger   |   3 Reasons Kids Ministry Is Important

The last two weeks have provided great reminders to me about why kids ministry is so important. I served as camp pastor at CentriKid camps for a week. The whole family came and we had a great time. The experiences reminded us why kids ministry is so vital:

Chuck Lawless   |   10 Balancing Acts in Ministry

Ministry is complex at times, and balancing responsibilities and passions is not always easy. Recognizing our obligations to deal with all of these issues below, here are some places where we may need to work on balance.

Carey Nieuwhof   |   5 Ways To Become A Better Leader…Today

Sometimes leadership can seem so overwhelming. In reality, though, leadership is simpler than it first appears.

Here are 5 of my absolute favourite basic leadership skills that are far too easy to overlook.

Ron Edmondson   |   When I Say I and When I Say We: A Leader’s Vocabulary

I was talking with someone about the early days of church planting before anyone was on our team. We had not yet officially formed a core group, the initial staff members had not yet committed. As I told my personal story, I kept using words such as “our” and “we”. Towards the middle of the conversation the person stopped me and asked, “Who’s ‘we’?”

Weekly Highlights

July 8, 2017

Here are 5 of the best articles I read this week.

Jeremy Roberts   |   The State of Christianity in America

As an American, I praise God for the opportunity to be born and raised in the greatest country on the planet. I love America.

A book I’ve referenced several times here on the blog, The Great Evangelical Recession, by John S. Dickerson, gives us clarity of the state of the church in America today. The stats in this article come from that text, which I STRONGLY encourage you to read. This translates (in most ways) to the health of Christianity, as a whole, in the USA.

Chuck Lawless   |   10 Reasons Many Pastors are Workaholics

Some time ago, I wrote a post on what my workaholism is costing me. I still struggle with that issue, and I’ve learned that many pastors share that struggle. Here are some reasons we’re susceptible to this sin:

Ron Edmondson   |   10 Ways to Create an Unhealthy Team Environment

I am not sure why you would want to, but just in case you ever did, I know some keys to creating an unhealthy team.

Seriously, I realize no one intentionally sets out for unhealthiness, but I’ve seen it so many times. There are things which injure the health of a team.

Here are 10 ways to create an unhealthy team environment:

Marty Duren   |   Helpful Practices for Pastoral Revitalization

Readers of blogs and websites similar to this one will find a lot of content about church revitalization: how does a staid or dying church get new life? How do you lead it from death’s doorstep to life’s great feast?

Sam Rainer   |   Five Reasons Lead Pastors Should Be Involved with VBS

If you’re a lead pastor, it’s tempting to take off that week because you’re not really needed to lead VBS. Many churches have longstanding volunteers and leaders who basically run with VBS every year. But the week of VBS is not the time to take a vacation. When your congregation is all-hands-on-deck, then you need to be there. The lead pastor should be an active and visible part of VBS. Here’s why.