4 Ways Churches Can Prepare for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is just a few days away, and while it may appear to be too late to start any new efforts for your Easter service, there are still some things you can do. Here are a few of them.

1- Utilize social media ads.

Social media is a great tool for today’s churches. Most social media outlets allow you to create ads and then target a very specific demographic. The cost is usually low and the exposure is great. Just be sure it is a professional looking ad. An ad that looks like it was thrown together will do more to hurt your efforts than help.

2- Encourage church members to follow-up with those they have already invited.

Hopefully those in your church have been inviting people to your Easter services. While attending your Easter service may be a priority for you and other members of your church, it probably isn’t for those who have been invited.

As Easter Sunday moves closer, there is a tendency for those who have been invited to start having second thoughts, make other plans, and back out of their commitment to attend. Following up with those who have been invited is necessary.

3- Develop a plan for visitor follow-up.

It is great to have visitors, but a great opportunity has been lost if follow-up doesn’t happen. Develop a plan to follow-up with visitors that utilizes members in the process. Perhaps various small groups or Sunday School classes can reach out to those who have visited. Maybe you need to develop a ministry team for this purpose.

The point is that visitor follow-up does not need to be rooted in the staff alone; get others involved.

4- Pray…Pray…Pray

This is by far the most important thing you can do. Planning and preparation is not a substitute for God working. No matter how great the sermon, pastors cannot change hearts. No matter how moving the music, it cannot make spiritually dead men alive. Only God can do these things.

Pray for God to prepare hearts leading up to Easter.

Pray for God to work in and through the service.

Pray for God to prepare you, the pastor.

Pray for lives to be changed.

Pray that God will do what only God can do.

Easter is a great opportunity to reach people. And while Easter Sunday is only a few days away, there are still things you can do to make a difference in people’s lives. Take advantage of these last few days, and as a result, you will see the fruit from it.

5 Ways to Keep Easter Momentum

Easter Sunday is always a big Sunday for churches. Attendance is usually higher than usual, there are more visitors present, and those ‘once-every-now-and-then’ members usually show up. With as great as Easter Sunday usually is, the Sunday after Easter is usually back to business as usual. The momentum that was gained on Easter is lost and the excitement that was present is gone.

So here is the question: How can churches keep the momentum and excitement that is present on Easter Sunday?

As I have thought about this question I realized that there are things that are done in preparation for Easter that make it special. If churches want to keep the same excitement and energy that they experience on Easter Sunday they must constantly practice those things that helped make Easter Sunday so special to begin with.

So what is it that we need to keep doing? Here are 5 suggestions.

1- Keep Praying

There is usually a lot of prayer that goes into the Easter service. We pray for those who will be visiting, we pray for the pastor who will be preaching, we pray for God to speak to those present, we pray for distractions to be removed. Why not keep that prayer focus each week? Why restrict that to special services? Perhaps we don’t see God work on Sundays other than Easter because we do not spend the same amount of time praying for Him to do so. [Tweet “We don’t see God work on Sundays other than Easter because we do not pray for Him to do so.”]

2- Keep Inviting

I realize that people will consider going to church on Easter more than any other Sunday, but that should not keep us from inviting our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Research says that 80% of people are somewhat likely to attend church if they are simply invited. Why only focus on inviting people on Easter Sunday? Should this not be a constant focus?

3- Keep Preparing

It is amazing the preparation that goes into Easter Sunday. Certainly there are events surrounding Easter that can’t be reproduced each week, but we can still put forth effort in preparing for the worship service. We can strive for excellence each week. Volunteers can approach their ministries each week with the same enthusiasm, the same excitement, and the same level of preparedness. It makes a difference to visitors and members alike.

4- Keep Anticipating

One thing that makes Easter Sunday so special is that everyone is eagerly anticipating the service, the increased number of visitors, and seeing what God is going to do. What if we approached every Sunday with that same expectancy? Is God any less powerful on Sundays other than Easter? Is He less willing to change lives? Obviously the answer is ‘no,’ so why not come to church each week expecting God to work? As a side note, we will not anticipate God to work in the worship services that we do not pray for or prepare for.

5- Keep Being Involved

There is usually more member involvement in the Easter Service. The more that people are involved the more they take ownership. What would happen if people came to church each week asking how they can help? This happens each Easter, but should be a reality each week.

There is no doubt that Easter Sunday will always be a special Sunday, but that does not mean the others can’t be. I am convinced that if we keep praying, inviting, preparing, anticipating, and being involved that every Sunday can be a special Sunday for your church.