5 Reasons Churches Should Do More Off-Site

Anytime a church has property and buildings there is a tendency for that property and buildings to become the focus of the ministry. At times, the desire to utilize the facilities leads the church to do as much ministry on-site as possible. In doing so, the church becomes a fortress of sorts that unnecessarily removes the church from the community. This passive shift has some dangerous consequences.

First, ministry becomes only about what happens on the church’s property. Second, evangelism becomes focused on getting the lost to the church on Sundays to hear the Gospel instead of getting the churched to reach out to the lost and share the Gospel each and every day. Third, fellowship is limited to church functions at the church.

To help combat this, the church needs to intentionally do more off-site. Admittedly, our church has done a poor job of this in the past, but we are looking forward to taking more of our ministry into the community and off of church property.

There are several things that doing more ministry off-site will do.

1- It will teach the congregation that the Church is more than a building.

We know this to be true, but we often fail to live this out practically.

2- It helps the church take its eyes of itself.

By only ever meeting for church functions at the church facilities the church grows increasingly inwardly focused. Doing more off-site helps remedy that problem.

3- It gives the community a chance to see the church in action.

I love the idea of having baptisms in a public place, such as the beach or a lake. Why? It allows others in the community to see an important aspect of the Christian faith. It doesn’t have to just be baptism, but any activity the church does in a public place shows a lost world the reality of the genuine love and fellowship that is shared among believers.

4- It helps the church break out of the stronghold of tradition.

Why do churches typically only ever meet at church buildings for church functions? Well, that is how it has always been done. While that answer is not exactly accurate, it is how many people think. Sometimes we have to be intentional about breaking out of the stronghold of tradition.

5- It gets church members used to living out their faith in public instead of in private.

Too many Christians only live their faith out while at church. Some people may find meeting in a public place to be uncomfortable. Why? One reason may be that they are not used to living out their faith any place other than the church building. Doing ministry off-site helps combat this.

There are probably other reasons why churches should do more off-site, but these are a few of the reasons that have convinced me of the necessary of more off-site ministry.

What are some other reasons churches should consider doing more off-site? Comment Below!

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