5 Reasons Young Pastors & Leaders Thrive

Sometimes younger pastors step into a senior leadership role and make unwise decisions, create division, and harm their church. Other times younger pastors step into a senior leadership role and thrive. What is it that makes some younger pastors thrive? What do those who thrive do differently than others?

Here are 5 suggestions of what some have done to put themselves in a position to thrive.

1- They prepared themselves as much as possible.

Many of them did all they could to see that they were trained both formally, through education, and/or casually, through mentorship. They wanted to be prepared. They are avid readers who are always striving to grow as individuals so that they can be better leaders.

2- They developed a well-rounded group of wise advisors/friends.

Many have other pastors, professors, counselors, business men, and missionaries whom they can call at any time for input and advice. They know there have been others who have been where they are, and they want to learn from their wisdom.

3- The ministry into which they were stepping provided much support and godly accountability.

Most of these people are not lone-rangers looking to run the show alone. They had a group of people around them inside their new ministry who encouraged them, promoted them, believed in them, supported them, helped them, prayed for them, and served as their counselors and partners in ministry.

4- They knew what needed to be done and were not deterred.

These people had a plan and they stuck to it. They were not sidetracked. They had a God-given vision and they were focused on accomplishing that vision for the glory of God.

5- They did not let their age become a setback.

They stayed faithful and believed that if God had called them to their current place of ministry, then He would enable them to serve Him well there, regardless of their age.

These are just a few personal observations that I believe can benefit anyone, regardless of age or size of ministry. It is also a reminder that age is not the determining factor in whom God can use or where God can use them. Young or old, God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. Let’s stay faithful to Him wherever He has placed us.