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August 5, 2017

Here are my articles from the past few days as well as 5 of the best articles I read this week.

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5 of the Best Articles I Read this Week

Ron Edmondson   |   An Elementary Approach to Facing Conflict

I’ve seen a lot of conflict in my life. From parents and couples in my office for counseling to employment situations where two people can’t get along. I’ve even seen a fight in the grocery store because someone thought someone else cut line. And, I’ve been to more than one church business meeting gone bad.

As an observer, I’ve learned a few things about facing conflict. Primarily, I’ve observed the way one person responds often determines the way the other person responds. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you are backed into a corner and facing potential conflict you have a choice. You can come out fighting or you can be smart, plan your response, and help turn the situation for good.

In fact, the secrets of facing the fire of conflict should be elementary.

Chuck Lawless   |   10 Negative First Impressions of Worship Centers

In our Lawless Group consultations, we always enlist “secret shoppers” to visit churches and give us a report. In negative reports, here are some of “first impression” concerns they verbalize about a worship center they’ve visited.

Thom Rainer   |   Seven Common Reasons Churches Have a Dramatic Decline in Attendance

A business executive asked that question when she returned to her church after some extended international travels. In the four weeks she was out, the attendance at the church had declined from nearly 600 to under 400. The attendance had plummeted in that short time by 35 percent!

To be clear, such rapid declines are aberrations. Most declining churches go through incremental, not dramatic, reductions.

We consider a church to be in dramatic decline when the average worship attendance drops by 20 percent or more in three months or less. What causes such unusual declines? Here are seven common reasons:

Andy Johnson   |   Your Local Church: Engine for Local Missions

Who is responsible to carry out the mission of global salvation? To whom did Christ give his Great Commission in Matthew 28?

That’s a more complicated question than merely asking who was there when Jesus spoke the words recorded in Matthew 28:18–20.

In one sense the commission to missions was given to every individual Christian. But in another sense it was given primarily to local churches.

Scott Williamson   |   Thinking Through the Missionary’s Influence in a New Church

What role should cross-cultural church planters play in a new church plant? This question is complicated and the answers vary according to both the context of the church plant and the gifting of the church planter. In a context with high persecution and low gospel exposure, the question becomes even more complex.

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