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July 15, 2017

Here are my articles from the past few days as well as 5 of the best articles I read this week.

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5 of the Best Articles I Read this Week

Thom Rainer   |   How Stability Can Hurt a Church

Stability is often a goal for churches. Unfortunately stable churches are often stagnant churches. So when we talk about stable churches today, it’s in that context. And there are five reasons that can be a very bad thing for a church.

Eric Geiger   |   3 Reasons Kids Ministry Is Important

The last two weeks have provided great reminders to me about why kids ministry is so important. I served as camp pastor at CentriKid camps for a week. The whole family came and we had a great time. The experiences reminded us why kids ministry is so vital:

Chuck Lawless   |   10 Balancing Acts in Ministry

Ministry is complex at times, and balancing responsibilities and passions is not always easy. Recognizing our obligations to deal with all of these issues below, here are some places where we may need to work on balance.

Carey Nieuwhof   |   5 Ways To Become A Better Leader…Today

Sometimes leadership can seem so overwhelming. In reality, though, leadership is simpler than it first appears.

Here are 5 of my absolute favourite basic leadership skills that are far too easy to overlook.

Ron Edmondson   |   When I Say I and When I Say We: A Leader’s Vocabulary

I was talking with someone about the early days of church planting before anyone was on our team. We had not yet officially formed a core group, the initial staff members had not yet committed. As I told my personal story, I kept using words such as “our” and “we”. Towards the middle of the conversation the person stopped me and asked, “Who’s ‘we’?”

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